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Automating recurring business tasks

Repetative tasks can be automated when most of the task details are predefined.

A better way to list

Make a difference in your community, make a start in your neighborhood.

Innovating a design trend

Weather patterns can tell you more than if you should bring an umbrella. Comming Soon!

Outfitting future entreprenuers

Making doodles and drawings screen print ready, so you can wear your latest creation. Comming Soon!

A shopping cart in your pocket

Window shop all you like — the items you love get delivered to your home.

Interactive does not have to be digital

Capturing a pint-sized product, with a big, and adventurous spirit.

Hello, my name is Jason Burns

I am a husband & father, Quality Assurance Analyst, UX enthusiast, and Portlander (and trying to keep it in that order).

Over the last ten years I've had my hands in many facets of design and technology. As a creative thinker, I try to design what users aren't aware they already want or need. I keep my design skills sharp by developing on personal projects, watching design trends, and staying ahead of the curve. I make a point to incorporate at least one new challenging element or facet in each design project. And I'm always centered on the thought, "who will use this?"

Pardon the dust as I freshen things up a bit...